How to Design your own Sportswear


1. Desktop Recommended

We suggest you use a desktop or tablet rather than a phone to design your range.

2. Customise

Select ‘Customise’ on the garment of your choice. This will bring up a window in which you can edit the garment colours, add logos and add text.

3. Uploading a Logo or Image

To add a logo or image, click on the ‘My Gallery’ icon at the top right of the window. Select ‘Upload Image’ and select the logo/image you wish to use. Once your logo/image has been uploaded it will appear in your gallery.

4. Adding a Logo or Image

Select the pattern that corresponds with the area of the body you wish to add the logo/image to. Then simply click the image in your gallery that you wish to add and it will appear on your selected pattern piece.

5. Repositioning a Logo or Image

The four icons in the corners of your logo/image can be used to reposition and change the size of the logo/image to suit your needs. The top-left icon will move the logo/image, the top-right icon will rotate, the bottom right icon will resize the logo/image and lastly, the bottom left icon will delete and completely remove the logo/image from that pattern piece.

6. Editing a Logo or Image

Click the ‘Edit Image’ icon at the top right of the window to make any edits or adjustments to your image. There are several filters to choose from.

7. Adding Text

To add text to your design, click on the ‘Text’ icon at the top right of the window. This will bring up a panel. Type what text you would like into the text box, and it will appear on your selected pattern piece. Using the ‘Text’ panel you can then change the font, colours and change other features using the text tools.

8. Changing Colours

To change the colour of your selected garment, click on the ‘Edit Background’ icon at the top right of the window. Use the ‘Select Colour’ drop-down menu to select which colour you would like before clicking ‘OK’. This will colour the pattern you have selected, and you will need to repeat this process for each pattern piece. Make sure you colour the ‘Other’ box as this will fill in the garment seams and any other remaining sections of the garment.

9. View PDF Preview

Select the PDF icon at the bottom right of the window to see a PDF preview of your garment before adding the product to your cart. Once happy, select ‘Add to Cart’ at the bottom right of the window.

Top tip: Be sure to not refresh the page whilst editing the product as this will reset your design and you will lose any work you have done.