1. Why use Sportswear Design?
We are experts in creating performance sportswear. Our mother company was established in 1997 and has been designing and developing sportswear for over 300+ clients around the world. We have used this knowledge to create a tool for you to create your own sportswear if 100% bespoke sportswear isn’t obtainable due to budget.

2. How easy is it to create my designs?
It’s incredibly easy.

a. Select a style from our range and then make it your own by changing the colour, selecting a fabric and upload your logo and place it where you need.
b. Once you are happy with the design, add to basket and repeat for additional colours or new styles.
c. Once you have completed your collection, then simply checkout and download the 3D designs and tech pack that includes everything the factory will need to produce your range. Inside the download you will receive a 3D virtual render of the design, material description/composition, measurement guide and a full graded size chart for bulk production.

3. How long until I receive my downloads?
Once you have completed checkout and the payment has been approved, you will receive your downloads automatically. Please check your spam folder if the email from us doesn’t arrive or contact us with your order number.

4. What is in the download?
You will have a 3D design that you created on the website and a detailed tech pack that includes a graded size chart, measuring guide, fabric content and description and any specific required make up details for the factory to follow.

5. I ordered a template but it didn’t arrive. What should I do?
Please contact us but first, please check your spam folder and also make sure that the order actually went through.

6. What am I allowed to do with the template/download?

You may :

• Use the template to develop your collection of sportswear with your nominated factory. This download and template must only be shared with the factory that is to produce your samples and bulk production. You cannot alter, edit manipulate, duplicate or copy the template or download.

You may not:

• Resell or upload the template for resale.
• Change, alter, adjust or duplicate the template or download.
• Claim copyright over the design of the template or content within.

7. Do you offer a production service?
We do but this is through our mother business Blue Associates Sportswear Ltd. If you are looking for production, then you would need to work with Blue Associates Sportswear on the designs and tech packs as they only work with brands and clients that are looking for 100% bespoke sportswear.

8. Do you offer a refund?
No. Once you have downloaded the files, no refund is available. It is therefore your responsibility to make sure the designs are final and no changes are required.

9. Can I make changes to the designs?
No. If you want to make any changes to the design, you would need to start again and order a template again.