Design your own sportswear and launch your activewear brand

Our online tool allows you the ability to design your own sportswear collection using our templates and then download production-ready tech packs ready to send to your factory.

If you are looking to start a sportswear brand or want some activewear for your club, or gym and looking for your own merch but want better quality and performance than white label provides, then you need to start with detailed designs and a tech pack that you share with a factory to produce samples.

All factories will require a detailed design and tech pack to show them what the garment looks like, how it should be manufactured, using specified fabrics and components and to your size so it fits your target customer. This process is a bit like an architect designing a house, making sure the builder uses the correct, quality materials and construction methods rather than letting them select what they want due to convenience.

Detailed designs and tech packs are produced by all the established sportswear brands to make sure the final product is developed to their exacting standards in terms of construction, performance, size and quality.

So how do you get designs and tech packs?

Well, you have a couple of options.

  1. If you have a healthy budget and want to create 100% bespoke product that has been designed and developed from the ground up by an experienced team of designers and sportswear developers, then you need our sister site. We live and breathe your brand from concept to launch, fully understanding your target consumer to create truly innovative and bespoke products using materials selected from our library of over 30,000 performance fabrics.

We develop the samples, fit and critique these and then manage the full production through our network of factories that you can select from that including the UK, Europe and the Far East.

  1. If your budget won’t quite stretch to developing 100% bespoke products or you want a low-cost option to launch activewear products and test the market, then you can simply go to our shop, select the styles that are most suitable and then customise these in terms of selecting a colour, add your branding or logos and even add printed slogans. Once you are happy with your design, simply download the design and tech pack, ready to share with your factory.

Our online sportswear designer tool is the perfect choice for those entrepreneurs that are looking for a low-cost solution to launch some activewear with the ability to customise the designs.

Once you have finished customising your designs, you simply go to check out and then download the design and tech pack that has a choice of fabrics for you to select based on cost and sustainability requirements. Simply confirm which fabric you would like the factory to use from the choices available OR substitute these with your own choice if you prefer.

You can then submit the design and tech pack to your chosen factory and ask them to provide a rough costing and prototype. From this stage, you will need to project manage the development of the samples all the way through to production.

Our sportswear designer uses the latest 3D design rendering tool so that you can visualise the garment in 3D and spin the garment 360˚ to make sure you are completely happy with the final design you have created.

The tech pack that you download has a complete size chart for the factory to cut the first prototype to your preferred size and they can then use the provided size grade to produce the final bulk patterns once you have approved the prototypes.

Our sportswear designer tool provides you with a much more bespoke approach to your sportswear than buying off the shelf white label apparel where fabrics, size, colour performance, quality and sustainability cannot be adjusted. By designing your own sportswear and downloading the tech pack, you then have the choice of which factory produces, select the fabrics you like based on performance, price and quality and make any small adjustments along the development to finesse your products to the way you like.

Design your sportswear

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